Bentwater Neighbors

You have some incredible Bentwater neighbors doing things you rarely hear about.

Here's one example. Sometimes God thumps us on the forehead to get our attention, and friends (who shall remain nameless) were driving past Long Street along 1097 recently (you know, where those nice folks sometimes sell their local honey) when the husband said, "I have to go back, this will just take a minute." He returned to the honey stand, shook the couple's hands and handed them a $100 bill. They surely thought, "that's a lot of honey." But, when he declined the honey she asked, "Why are you doing this?" He modestly explained, "The Lord told me to turn around and bring this to you." With tears in her eyes she offered that she's struggling health issues and it had been a long day. While $100 won't fix it, the faith that's reinforced by random acts of kindness just might. True story. I'm feeling a bit thumped. You?

Switching gears, for all you parents out there who are ecstatic that the kids are starting back to school, admit it. You're now stressed over different things, like knowing with where they are and what they're doing, keeping up with the myriad appointments, being sure their homework gets done and hoping they'll actually learn something along the way. Well, I have an iPhone and I'm here to help with some cool apps (works on your Android, too).

The first app is "Life360" which keeps your family connected by sharing everyone's location on a private family map.  You'll get automatic alerts when family members arrive or leave specific places, like home or school. Now mom can take a deep breath and relax.

How about "Cozi" that creates a shared, color-coded family calendar so you can keep track of who needs to be where and when.

Then there's "My Homework" so they'll never forget another assignment. Easily add and view class schedule, assignments and due dates, plus get automatic reminders before homework is due.

Memory challenged? Check out "Quizlet" that helps you get smarter using flashcards on your phone. Create your own or choose from millions created by other students.

Finally, there's "Socratic." Just take a picture of a question and Socratic uses artificial intelligence to suggest answers or solve equations and help complete your assignment. Seriously? Where was that when we were growing up?
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