Bentwater POA Advisory Board

Hey, Bentwater, perhaps you've heard. There's an very important election coming up that will have a real impact on your life and those of everyone around you.

No, no, no. Not that election. Well, okay, that one, too. But, right now I'm talking about the election of POA Advisory Board representatives later this year. This go 'round you want to be paying particular attention to the process and the candidates because there's a lot at stake. It isn't business as usual. You see, we're quickly approaching the moment when the developer will be tossing us the keys and we, the property owners, will take on 100% of the burden of providing for every aspect of our Property Owners Association's governance.

Knowing that, the role of the Advisory Board members is already shifting from merely offering opinions to actually taking on serious responsibilities. Unless you've been personally involved you may not have noticed that, over the past year or so, your Advisory Board and a dedicated group of talented volunteers with exceptional experience in various professional disciplines have literally invested hundreds of hours aimed at getting us prepared for that moment. Excellent, you say, but what does that have to do with the upcoming election? Everything. Because these are three-year terms and "the moment" will most assuredly take place during the early part of that window.

Consequently, those you're about to elect will play key roles in helping to continue crafting the strategy and managing the transition. And, while we fully understand the difference between a three-year elected term and a lifetime appointment, this is not unlike the Supreme Court in that the impact of the efforts of this group will stay with us for a long, long time. That means we need true leaders. Volunteers who aren't throwing their hats in the ring because they have a pet peeve or an axe to grind, but because they have the "right stuff" and are willing to dedicate their time and talents to assure that your money is being thoughtfully spent, your property values conscientiously preserved, and community values appropriately maintained.

We're still a few months away, but start doing your homework. Really evaluate your candidates. Maybe even become a candidate. Regardless, when the time comes, vote with an eye toward the Bentwater you'll appreciate and enjoy a decade from now.
Bruce Sellers

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