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Bruce Sellers
National Merit Scholarship
February 26, 2015
Posted By Bruce Sellers

Celebrating a Bentwater resident's example of excellence These days it seems we live in a world where too many people are inexplicably accepting of mediocrity. Competition and achievement have...

Bruce Sellers
Having A Bowl-In-One
February 12, 2015
Posted By Bruce Sellers

Dick Williams' hole-in-one I really wish folks would tell me things. I actually had to go bowling to find out that Dick Williams had a hole-in-one a couple of weeks back. How did I know? Funny...

Bruce Sellers
Not In My Backyard
February 5, 2015
Posted By Bruce Sellers

Last week at the Lone Star Community Center... For anyone who may have noticed that the Bentwater article didn't appear last week, I actually did write it but then the rest of my life simply...

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