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Bruce Sellers
Where The Eagle Flies
February 25, 2016
Posted By Bruce Sellers

If you haven't already taken advantage of the early voting window, I'll remind you that we're only a few hours away from super Tuesday and the outcome will most assuredly affect our...

Bruce Sellers
The Bentwater Library
February 18, 2016
Posted By Bruce Sellers

Read any good books lately? Me neither. And that's surprising when you consider that I have a whole bunch of 'em. They're on tables, on shelves, in closets, in drawers. Historical...

Bruce Sellers
Valentine's Day in Texas
February 11, 2016
Posted By Bruce Sellers

To all you lovers out there (and that's everyone, right?), I wish you a very happy and chocolate-filled Valentine's Day. Most think that one's "first love" was probably in...

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