Country Club Vittles

Given that I eat pretty much every day and have an opinion on just about everything, I'm pleased to serve as your official, albeit self appointed, food critic for Bentwater Country Club.

It seems that Chef Dan is rolling out his new menu and it's attracting a lot of attention. We were there on Wednesday night and I ordered his appetizer of short ribs with pork belly and fries. All my favorite food groups. While I was expecting a serving of short ribs with fries on the side, what I received was a plate of fries with short ribs and crispy pork belly mixed in. Hmmm.

To try to paint a mental image for you, at a glance it resembled a penne pasta with carbonara (also one of my favorites). So, while it wasn't even close to what I expected visually, the result was a very tasty, very filling, comfort food type of dish. It's the type of bar food that I'm guessing will become a Friday night favorite among the scramblers coming in after a cooler full of beer.

A few tables away, I noticed my friend Paul Chaffee. For any who don't know him, Paul has lived here since the beginning of time and has surely sampled the fare of a great number of chefs. So, you can have confidence in his ability to compare with his prior experiences, and he gave high marks to his chicken fried chicken. Actually, I didn't really have to ask because it came in a portion size as big as a catcher's mitt and there was nothing remaining. No further testimonial needed.

Meanwhile, my bride had the crab cakes. Big surprise. It's important that you know she'll order crab cakes a hundred out of a hundred times if they're offered on the menu (she's originally from Maryland so fancies herself to be sort of the Bubba Gump of crabs) and they passed her test.

There's a full menu and we could only do so much damage in a single sitting, but we'll do our best to munch through them all in the coming weeks. The weather will cool down eventually (that's a prayer, not a forecast) and football is on its way, so there are good reasons to congregate at the grill and enjoy both along with Chef Dan's creations. Hope to see you there.
Bruce Sellers

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