Losing To Lake Conroe

I always try to write positively. Sometimes it's difficult. Blink. Life happens. Blink again and life (at least on this earth) ends. Just that quickly. Blink again and lives of those left behind are changed. Forever.

Losing a loved one is difficult under any circumstances. Losing a loved one to a seemingly innocent swim in Lake Conroe is numbing. Last weekend, Nancy Richardson left us in such a way and those of us who knew her are as stunned over how she left as we are devastated that she left us so suddenly. If you have a prayer to offer or a mental hug to give, the family needs it now.

The historic St. Mary's church was completely filled and the farewell poignant. Yet, as difficult as the grief and the events of saying goodbye surely were, now that the services are complete and the church empty, the loss of Nancy will seem much more final. So, Jerry and Kellie and the entire Richardson extended family will need you even more in the days to come. It's in times like these that we're reminded that life truly is fleeting.

We're not promised tomorrow, so what we do today actually does matter. With that thought, it would seem a very positive thing to honor Nancy by not accepting her departure as a finality but, rather, a wakeup call, a motivation to no longer procrastinate. That path you've been dreaming of following? Start today. That friend you've been meaning to call? Call them, today. That charity you've been meaning to support? Give them your dedication, today. Many of you know exactly what to do. Today. For others who may still be groping, you might consider something like what Bob "Doc" Meadors is doing. Through Operation Helmet, he's making lives better and safer, one soldier, one police officer at a time.

Recently Doc ran into MCSO SWAT team members at last week's 'Thanks To First Responders' event at the Bentwater Yacht Club. That encounter led to a meeting where the helmet kits currently being provided to the military were compared to those currently in use here in Conroe. The result? He'll be providing 40 helmets to that group. Perhaps you'd like to help. Regardless of whether this becomes your purpose, don't wait. Make a positive effort to discover yours. Today. In memory of Nancy.
Bruce Sellers

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