Treats In Trunks

Pay attention all you men out there. I just discovered that you can attract lots of women with just a bunch of trunks.

What kind of trunks, you ask? Well, using my best Bubba Gump impression, there's swimming trunks, elephant trunks, tree trunks, steamer trunks, car trunks and, yes, trunk shows. Now you're catching on. It's a whole 'nother version of home shopping that's been around since long before QVC or the Internet were invented. Don't want to drive to shop? No worries. This store actually comes to you. It's true.

Recently, Keith Ann Gearn opened her home and hosted a trunk show for Terri Cortes (the owner of JuJu Blue Boutique named after her granddaughter Juliet, a/k/a JuJu). Terri started her business about a year ago in another location and quickly realized she needed more room. She's now moved to a larger location on FM1097 next door to Purdy Paws where she has tripled her inventory of classic clothing and cool jewelry (she even has something called a Sleevy Wonder that I'm told I didn't need to describe, just tell people she has them – consider yourselves told). Then Terri put a bunch of that inventory into some trunks and dragged them across Lake Conroe to Bentwater where nearly four dozen ladies (we guys weren't invited) waving checkbooks and credit cards flocked in to explore exactly what was in those trunks.

Of course, you can't just pull stuff out of trunks and expect a house full of shopaholic princesses to be wowed, now can you? Nosirree. You gotta have models. As luck would have it, there were some close by. Handy huh? Naturally, it was Keith Ann's house so she and her daughter-in-law, Christina, were first in the modeling line. But, it seems that Michele Chiste, Les Gotsch, Debbie Putnam, Valerie Gerbino, Sherry Culbertson, Sherri Cope and Nancy Waltz (each having always secretly yearned for the glitter of the runway) reluctantly volunteered, too.

Full disclosure, this is 100% hearsay. I was not there, didn't model and don't have photos. I know. Too bad. If you need verification, go see Terri at JuJu Blue. Oh, by the way, sometime in between wardrobe changes a door prize was awarded to Patty Kalich who's brand new to Bentwater (see, it does pay to get involved in community activities). Welcome, Patty.
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